Our Pets

No resident gallery would be complete without our furriest and friendliest members! 




Obie Mullen

Class of 2020 - 1 year old

Likes: walks on the dog beach, eating too fast puking it up then eating it again, and aggressively booping humans in the crotch,

Dislikes: Duffle bags, pedicures, and people in wheelchairs

Miko Humphrey

Class of 2020 - 1 year old

Likes: peanut butter, tennis balls, and howling at little kids at the dog park

Dislikes: vacuums and taking a bath.

Sierra Nakutis-Grudowski

Class of 2022 - 2 years old

Likes: running, chasing squirrels, attempting to speak human, getting into staring contests with humans, sniffing literally everything, destroying toys as fast as possible, tug of war, all water except her own bowl, swimming.

Dislikes: Fireworks, sneezes, anytime the humans leave the house, her own tail, baby gates, boundaries, birds.

Watson Johns

Class of 2020 - 9 year old

Likes: walks, playing with cat toys, going to bed at 9pm

Dislikes: non-carpeted flooring, getting wet, dog treats

Glorious Marie Burch

Class of 2020 - 14 years old

Likes: Food, humans, walks, belly rups, naps, treats, dogs, being looked at... almost everything.

Dislikes: eye contact with Minerva the cat. 

Professor Minerva McGonagall Burch

Class of 2020

Likes: Champagne corks, amazon boxes, drinking from martini glasses

Dislikes: Fireworks, being dressed in festive sweaters, getting locked out of the bathroom while mom or dad are in there

Montgomery Lovell

RLT - 1 year old

Likes: Sticks, dirt, the ladies

Dislikes: rules, limits, boundaries

Balder Capanna

Class of 2021 - 1 year old

Likes: All food, children, walled off spaces

Dislikes: Water, FOMO, plastic bags

Spooks Hanaway

Class of 2021 - 5 years old

Likes: Fetch, feet

Dislikes: dogs 

Remy Tednes

Class of 2021 - 3 years old

Likes: knocking stuff off shelves, playing with strings, looking out windows

Dislikes: vacuums, empty food bowls

Miso Tednes

Class of 2021 - 2 years old

Likes: boxes, hiding under blankets, opening doors

Dislikes: strangers, being away from her mom 

Louie Carlson

RLT - 2 years old

Likes: Downward dog yoga position, Ritz crackers, chewing things he shouldn't

Dislikes: hip hop dance moves

Gus Gus Twanow

Class of 2019 - 2 months old

Likes: TBD

Dislikes: TBD

Douglas B. Aronson

Class of 2021 - 4 years old

Likes: fetch, destroying industrial-grade chew toys, spooning

Dislikes: anybody carrying tools, trucks, thunder

Marvin Cranmer

Class of 2021 - 2 years old

Likes: pipe cleaners, the great outdoors, restorative sleep

Dislikes: rain, playing dress up, Mr. Bigglesworth

Lucinda Abughnaim

Class of 2021 - 3 years old

Likes: hide and seek, playing dead, resuscitations

Dislikes: shrimp, other beta fish, global warming

Reina Jones

Class of 2020 - 3 years old

Likes: Light beer, non-fat iced lattes, peanut butter, 1.75 mile walks on the lake front

Dislikes: brooms, lawn mowers and Blue Buffalo dog food because it gives her lead toxicity

Chester Henderson

Class of 2012 - 1 year old

Likes: barking at dogs, runs, astroturf, cream cheese, the cough

Dislikes: elevators, shiny floors, drunk men, marching bands

Taylor Swift Friend

Class of 2019 - 14 years old

Likes: Snugs, latanoprost ophathalmic solution 0.25% bid OD, raw hides, Shaking it off

Dislikes: Precarious positions, John Mayer, Calvin Harris, Katy Perry, Harry Styles, Taylor Lautner, Kanye West


Piglet Kishi

Class of 2020 - 7 years old

Likes: treats, second breakfast, laying in the sun, being an only child

Dislikes: not being an only child, vacuums, strangers, missing a meal


Casey Tekwani

1 year old

Likes: eating hairbrushes, digging in mulch, shoes, barking at the cat, her sloth toy

Dislikes: vacuums, being left alone, rain, singing/dancing holiday toys, bubbles


Ollie Kishi

Class of 2020 - 3 years old

Likes: rubber bands, playing fetch, all types of games, boxes

Dislikes: belly rubs, baths, nice furniture