Our Pets

No resident gallery would be complete without our furriest and friendliest members! 

Chester Hawkins

Class of 2019 - 1 year old

Likes: sticks, duck toy, cuddling

Dislikes: traffic cones, baby gates, lamp posts


Brady Lorenz

Class of 2019 - 2 years old

Likes: hogging the bed, toddlers, attempting to speak human

Dislikes: skateboards, the doorbell, dog food


Harley Friend

Class of 2019 - 12 years old

Likes: Kasey's Tavern, patios, muffins, chicken,licking

Dislikes: pugs, dilaudid, haircuts, not having a seat on Kasey's patio



Obie Mullen

Class of 2020 - 1 year old

Likes: walks on the dog beach, eating too fast puking it up then eating it again, and aggressively booping humans in the crotch,

Dislikes: Duffle bags, pedicures, and people in wheelchairs

Miko Humphrey

Class of 2020 - 1 year old

Likes: peanut butter, tennis balls, and howling at little kids at the dog park

Dislikes: vacuums and taking a bath.

Thor Pastore

Class of 2019 - 8 years old

Likes: eating carrots, army crawling into strangers laps for hugs, farting in the bed at night time

Dislikes: Squirrels, the Cubs

Winston Robinson

Class of 2019 - 1 year old

Likes: belly rubs, cuddling, eating tissues

Dislikes: geese, being alone literally ever, winter

Ollie Wing

Class of 2019 - 1 year old

Likes: paper, new friends, dragon plushie

Dislikes: vacuum cleaners, rain

Glorious Marie Burch

Class of 2020 - 14 years old

Likes: Food, humans, walks, belly rups, naps, treats, dogs, being looked at... almost everything.

Dislikes: eye contact with Minerva the cat. 

Watson Johns

Class of 2020 - 9 year old

Likes: walks, playing with cat toys, going to bed at 9pm

Dislikes: non-carpeted flooring, getting wet, dog treats

Dagmar Pastore

Class of 2019 - 6 years old

Likes: Tug of War, Butt Scratches

Dislikes: The mailman, house parties where she can't keep an eye on everyone

Professor Minerva McGonagall Burch

Class of 2020

Likes: Champagne corks, amazon boxes, drinking from martini glasses

Dislikes: Fireworks, being dressed in festive sweaters, getting locked out of the bathroom while mom or dad are in there

Montgomery Lovell

RLT - 1 year old

Likes: Sticks, dirt, the ladies

Dislikes: rules, limits, boundaries

Balder Capanna

Class of 2021 - 1 year old

Likes: All food, children, walled off spaces

Dislikes: Water, FOMO, plastic bags

Spooks Hanaway

Class of 2021 - 5 years old

Likes: Fetch, feet

Dislikes: dogs 

Remy Tednes

Class of 2021 - 3 years old

Likes: knocking stuff off shelves, playing with strings, looking out windows

Dislikes: vacuums, empty food bowls

Miso Tednes

Class of 2021 - 2 years old

Likes: boxes, hiding under blankets, opening doors

Dislikes: strangers, being away from her mom 

Louie Carlson

RLT - 2 years old

Likes: Downward dog yoga position, Ritz crackers, chewing things he shouldn't

Dislikes: hip hop dance moves

Gus Gus Twanow

Class of 2019 - 2 months old

Likes: TBD

Dislikes: TBD

Douglas B. Aronson

Class of 2021 - 4 years old

Likes: fetch, destroying industrial-grade chew toys, spooning

Dislikes: anybody carrying tools, trucks, thunder

Marvin Cranmer

Class of 2021 - 2 years old

Likes: pipe cleaners, the great outdoors, restorative sleep

Dislikes: rain, playing dress up, Mr. Bigglesworth

Lucinda Abughnaim

Class of 2021 - 3 years old

Likes: hide and seek, playing dead, resuscitations

Dislikes: shrimp, other beta fish, global warming

Reina Jones

Class of 2020 - 3 years old

Likes: Light beer, non-fat iced lattes, peanut butter, 1.75 mile walks on the lake front

Dislikes: brooms, lawn mowers and Blue Buffalo dog food because it gives her lead toxicity

Chester Henderson

Class of 2012 - 1 year old

Likes: barking at dogs, runs, astroturf, cream cheese, the cough

Dislikes: elevators, shiny floors, drunk men, marching bands

Taylor Swift Friend

Class of 2019 - 14 years old

Likes: Snugs, latanoprost ophathalmic solution 0.25% bid OD, raw hides, Shaking it off

Dislikes: Precarious positions, John Mayer, Calvin Harris, Katy Perry, Harry Styles, Taylor Lautner, Kanye West