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Wellness Individualized Interactive Instruction Links (III)

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March 2017 (90 min)

•Watch: “Three Good Things” Resilience exercise video


•Enroll and participate


April 2017 (30 min)

•Read: EM News January 2017 article from Scott Weingart “Kettlebells for the Brain”

•Read:  9 mindfulness tips


June 2017 (1 hour)

1. Complete an Implicit Association Test: (consider Race, or Arab/Muslim)             (15 minutes credit)

2. View NYT videos:  (POV series, 6 videos, total 15 minute credit)                       

3. Read: How to Be a Real EP-Advice for New Graduates.  James Roberts, MD. Emergency Medicine News, September 2016 (15 minutes credit)

4. Read: Reflections about “Burn-Out”.  Carey Chisholm, MD.  AEM, 2009 (15 minutes credit) 


August 2017 (2 hours)

1.  Sleep Journal: Utilize one of the below apps for two weeks in August. Reflect on your sleep satisfaction and be prepared to discuss your experience with sleep during residency (1hr credit)

         iPhone: Sleep Diary 

         Android: SleepBot - Sleep Cycle

2.  Commit to a primary care doctor/dentist and seem them for a health evaluation if not completed in the past year. (1hr credit) 


October 2017 (1.5 hours)

1. Read the article:Special Report: Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story? The               Magic of Narrative Medicine in the ED.  Shaw, Gina Emergency Medicine News                   January 2017 - Volume 39 - Issue 1 - p 20–21 (30 minutes credit)

2. Journal: about a challenging case or interaction.  What did you learn from the experience?  How will it shape how you practice moving forward (1 hour credit)


December 2017 (30 min)

Learn a new super-user move with your EMR (Dragon, macros, etc) and be ready to share in conference (30 minutes credit)


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