7 y/o

7/ o m presents to the ED after coughing while playing with legos. He is satting 100% on room air, comfortbale playing in the room. His CXR shows:

"There is no acute cardiopulmonary process. there is no evidence for

radiopaque foreign body. There is no significant evidence for air-trapping."

Decubitus films:

No evidence for air-trapping

We take a look at the CXR ourselves, do you see anything pecuilar? (CLICK ON XRAY its a thumbnail)

Look at the right mainstem area, can you make out the pinholes of a lego piece? Apparently there is no air trapping because the lego was not solid but had a hole in the middle of it!

It helps that he had unilateal wheezing on that side and stridor, but either way a piece of lego was removed form his right mainstem bronchus.