Weekly Wellness 1/17/2015

Hello Christ Docs,

Happy New Year! Weekly Wellness is back for 2015! Just a reminder, my goal is to encourage healthy lifestyle habits by of providing interesting articles on topics covering nutrition and fitness, as well as give you ways to live a more healthy lifestyle with delicious recipes and workouts you can do at home in less than 20 minutes with no special equipment.

I am always interested in learning more, so if you have any great recipes, know a good article, or have a workout you'd like to recommend, please pass it along!

Keep making healthy choices when you can!




Article: Why Eating Seasonally Is Good For You

Recipe: Chicken Paillards with Squash & Spinach 

             Just made this last night, and oh boy was it good! You can use any kind of squash, (I used acorn), but I would roast the squash & red onions for double what Martha recommends (30 min vs 15 min). The flavors are awesome (don't skimp on the sage), and its healthy and lean and pretty darn easy! I used a rolling pin to flatten my chicken breasts. 



Articles: How Exercise Keeps Us Young


Throw on some motivational music, and give this a whirl. Don't stop the clock for breaks. My time was 14:14, and I got my heart rate up to 97% of my maximum calculated. Calculate your heart rate here, and see how close to your max you can get!



10 Pushups

10 Crossfit Situps (Don't worry about not having an AbMat...I used a folded thin yoga mat or blanket to get the lumbar support)

10 Airsquats (do JumpSquats for added challenge, or, if you are really intense, do JumpSquat Tuck Jumps!)