Weekly Wellness 2.22.2015


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Special shout-out to my man and successful procreator-in-chief Trale "Trale Bear" Permar for clueing me in to an amazing workout opportunity right in our South Side backyard! The Swallow Cliff Stairs are a mere 20 min from our hospital, and provide endless fitness opportunities. With over 125 stone stairs built into the side of a steep cliff, you will not have a problem getting your heart rate up! I went after a 6a shift to check out the stairs, and was able to complete 6 up & down circuits before the wind chill and my wobbly legs forced me back into the car. So do yourself a favor and go to Swallow Cliff and get going! You can walk the stairs, run them, throw some weights in a backpack and train like a mountaineer, or make up your own variations! Before you know it, you'll be as strong as a Trale Bear! 


Directions to Swallow Cliff Stairs


Videos:  Swallow Cliff Stairs 1

             Swallow Cliff Stairs 2

             How to use the stairs more efficiently

             Stairs with Tony Horton (of P90X fame)

             Just climbing or hopping the stairs too boring for you? Check out these videos for ideas and               inspiration:

             Savage Stairs

             Stairway to Strength

             Stair Workout for Women (Or anyone, actually!)

             Eccentric Stair Workout


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