How to Eat Healthy Meals At Restaurants...great piece from our friends at the NY Times about how to make smart choices when trying to eat out in the land of the Super Size.

The History of Supersizing...How did we end up with this ridiculous option in the first place?


Go out to eat, and try out your newfangled knowledge!




Steady-State Cardio Vs. HIIT



30 bicycle crunches

10 pushups

20 airsquats

20 bicycle crunches

5 pushups

20 airsquats

10 bicycle crunches

3 pushups

20 airsquats


Repeat 3-5 times



Wellness Round-Up!

Howdy pardners,

Well, the jig is up. If I wait any longer this is gonna become Biennial Wellness.

In the hopes of betterin' yer corporal existence, its time fer all you liddle doggies ta get along and saddle up fer a rip-roarin', dern-tootin', belly-fillin', butt-kickin' good time.




The Government's Bad Diet Advice

The Myth of High Protein Diets

Simple Rules for Healthy Eating


Spring Vegetable Stew...this is ridiculously good. Its filling but not heavy, and tastes as fresh as the spring we are supposed to be experiencing. Don't worry if you don't have lard-we just doubled up on the olive oil. Really, any cooking fat will do for this dish. 



Christopher McDougall Wants You to Go Outside

The Right Dose of Exercise For A Longer Life

The Early-Morning Workout Flash Mob


Burpees: 30 seconds

Rest: 30 seconds

Repeat 4-9 times


Conference Workout Anyone?

Finally, as many of you are aware, we did a group workout the other day in the middle of conference. Many of you came up to me afterwards and suggested that we do such a workout every conference. As such, I have created a brief (2-question) survey to guage interest. If interest is sufficient, then perhaps we could incorporate this into our conference frequently if not regularly. Thanks for taking the survey and YEE-HAW!!!

Conference Workout Survey




Weekly Wellness 2.22.2015


Article w/ Recipes: Salads Don't Have to Be Green



Special shout-out to my man and successful procreator-in-chief Trale "Trale Bear" Permar for clueing me in to an amazing workout opportunity right in our South Side backyard! The Swallow Cliff Stairs are a mere 20 min from our hospital, and provide endless fitness opportunities. With over 125 stone stairs built into the side of a steep cliff, you will not have a problem getting your heart rate up! I went after a 6a shift to check out the stairs, and was able to complete 6 up & down circuits before the wind chill and my wobbly legs forced me back into the car. So do yourself a favor and go to Swallow Cliff and get going! You can walk the stairs, run them, throw some weights in a backpack and train like a mountaineer, or make up your own variations! Before you know it, you'll be as strong as a Trale Bear! 


Directions to Swallow Cliff Stairs


Videos:  Swallow Cliff Stairs 1

             Swallow Cliff Stairs 2

             How to use the stairs more efficiently

             Stairs with Tony Horton (of P90X fame)

             Just climbing or hopping the stairs too boring for you? Check out these videos for ideas and               inspiration:

             Savage Stairs

             Stairway to Strength

             Stair Workout for Women (Or anyone, actually!)

             Eccentric Stair Workout


Bonus Article: To Jump-Start Your Exercise Routine, Be Mindful          



Weekly Wellness 1.28.2015


Article: Omega-3s & Risk of Premature Death

Video: Fish, Mercury, & Nutrition: The Net Effect

Recipe: Halibut with Citrusy Tomatoes and Capers...don't be afraid to substitute the halibut (which is pretty pricy) for another type of white-fleshed fish, such as cod, grouper, snapper, or whitefish)



Article: Why Your Workout Should Be High Intensity


Workout: "The Toaster"

This is all burpees, baby! Here's some more burpee love from Funk Roberts.

I finished this bad boy in 8'35" and got my HR up to 99% of my calculated max. The shorter you can keep the rests, the more intense it will be!


10 burpees...rest (max 60 sec)

5 burpees...rest (max 45 sec)

2 burpees...rest (max 30 sec)

10 burpees...rest (max 60 sec)

5 burpees...rest (max 40 sec)

3 burpees...rest (max 35 sec)

10 burpees...rest (max 60 sec)

5 burpees...rest (max 30 sec)

4 burpees...rest (max 20 sec)

10 burpees...rest (max 60 sec)

5 burpees...rest (max 10 sec)

5 burpees


Weekly Wellness 12-3-2014


Article: How to Really Eat Like a Hunter-Gatherer: Why the Paleo Diet is Half Baked

Recipe: Braise You Way Through the Winter



Article: Run to Stay Young

Workout: Go for a run! Even if it's just around the block! Even if you can only jog at a slow pace!

For a HIIT run, alternate easy jogging with full on sprinting for 30 seconds intervals. 4-6 minutes ought to do it!

If you are  more the trail-running type, take 95th street West as far as you can until you end up in the Palos system of Cook County's Forest Preserve. There is a great 3 mile Loop they recently marked off starting from the parking area at Wolf Road Woods (see MAP). It's really nice out there, you feel like you got far away from the city, and it's only 9 miles from the hospital! Great for mountain biking, birdwatching, dogwalking, picnicking, and hiking too! Here are directions to the Wolf Road Woods parking area. Just don't eat any Amanita mushrooms while you're out there. 

Wednesday Wellness 11-5-2014


Article: Healthy facts about acorn squash

Recipe: Wild-rice stuffed acorn squash



4 rounds of (total time is only 6 minutes!):

Box jumps x's 30 sec (I throw a yoga mat on my coffee table for this one since I don't have a box)

Divebomber pushups x's 30 sec (demonstrated here by Dr. Joe Masler)

Star Jumps x's 30 sec (land on the balls of your feet, not your heels)


Articles: Best exercises for healthy bones

             Plyometrics: The best combo of cardio and strength training?


Wednesday Wellness




Article: What is HIIT?

Wednesday Wellness



  • 6 minute workout...fast forward to ~3:50 to go straight to the workout part...the beginning is him talking about fitness (interesting to hear his philosophy if you have the time).


Article: What's your fitness age?

Wed Wellness

Hello Advocate Christ Residents & Attendings,
     As part of our burgeoning new Wellness program, I will be sending out an email every Wednesday. The purpose of the email will be to share health-related information in the form of links to thought-provoking and motivational articles, videos, recipes, etc. Our jobs are incredibly demanding and stressful, and I strongly believe that a healthy diet coupled with regular, strenuous exertion is key to keeping us in optimum shape for being the best doctors/humans we can be.
     I want to make clear from the get-go that I do not subscribe to or advocate any one-type of dietary discipline (such as vegetarianism, veganism, paleolithic diet, Atkins nutrition approach, fruitarianism, etc). Rather, I believe that most nutrition models have something interesting and useful to offer us, and as such will send out information about a wide variety of nutritional approaches. Hopefully you will find something that resonates with you, and you can incorporate some of what you learn into your life. 
     I will also include a Workout of the Week (WOW) in each email. It doesn't matter what you eat if you are a couch potato! My goal is to provide a challenging workout that can be completed at home in less than 20 minutes without any fitness equipment. Feel free to reduce or increased number of repetitions or sets as needed to help this workout fit your needs and abilities. I will include links to show brief demonstration of exercises in case you do not know how to do them. 
     Finally, please feel free to email with any ideas you may have on wellness related information that you think should be shared! I would love to learn about new diets, recipes, exercises, or anything else pertaining to wellness. And if there is someone you would like to be included in this list, send me their email address and I will include it. Conversely, if there is anyone who does NOT wish to be on the list, let me know and I'll take you off so that you can slowly balloon to Advocate Christ Emergency Department Standard Patient Size in peace. 



  • 3 Sets of:
    • "Sprint there, jog back": 25 yds, 3 repetitions
    • Dips: 15 repetitions
    • Burpees: 15 repetitions
    • Pushups: 15 repetitions (increased intensity: decline-ups)
"If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much, we would have found the safest way to health."