Wellness Round-Up!

Howdy pardners,

Well, the jig is up. If I wait any longer this is gonna become Biennial Wellness.

In the hopes of betterin' yer corporal existence, its time fer all you liddle doggies ta get along and saddle up fer a rip-roarin', dern-tootin', belly-fillin', butt-kickin' good time.




The Government's Bad Diet Advice

The Myth of High Protein Diets

Simple Rules for Healthy Eating


Spring Vegetable Stew...this is ridiculously good. Its filling but not heavy, and tastes as fresh as the spring we are supposed to be experiencing. Don't worry if you don't have lard-we just doubled up on the olive oil. Really, any cooking fat will do for this dish. 



Christopher McDougall Wants You to Go Outside

The Right Dose of Exercise For A Longer Life

The Early-Morning Workout Flash Mob


Burpees: 30 seconds

Rest: 30 seconds

Repeat 4-9 times


Conference Workout Anyone?

Finally, as many of you are aware, we did a group workout the other day in the middle of conference. Many of you came up to me afterwards and suggested that we do such a workout every conference. As such, I have created a brief (2-question) survey to guage interest. If interest is sufficient, then perhaps we could incorporate this into our conference frequently if not regularly. Thanks for taking the survey and YEE-HAW!!!

Conference Workout Survey